Buyer FAQs

    Why Choose Venture One Realty?

    Venture One Realty gives you the same Full Service as a “Traditional Broker” PLUS a 50% Cash Back Buyer Rebate as reward for finding your perfect home!!

    We provide:

    Market Analysis Review
    Help defining your Criteria
    Assurance you have the proper Mortgage Pre-Qualification and/or Proof of funds
    Identifying, Scheduling, and Showing You Prospective homes
    Writing, Submitting, and Negotiating Purchase Offers on your behalf
    Scheduling, Attending and Negotiating You Home Inspection
    Coordination of Your Purchase thru Closing

    No Upfront Fees! No Hidden Costs!
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    Why does Venture One Realty Offer a Cash Back Buyer Rebate?

    We offer a Cash Back Buyer Rebate to better compete in a market dominated by giant national real estate companies. They do business with fancy office’s, catchy TV commercials, and expensive national advertising. We don’t need all that to give you the best service possible! Venture One Realty is a locally family owned business. This allows us to focus on our Buyer and local market and not have to deal with or pay fees to any corporate or national real estate giant.



    Is Venture One Realty a “Full Service” Real Estate company?

    Yes!!! We are a Full Service Real Estate Company vs others that call themselves “ Self Service” or “limited Service” . You get all the same services as a “traditional Broker” but Venture One Realty gives you a Cash Back Buyer Rebate. Venture One Realty is a licensed Connecticut Real Estate Broker, member of the Smart MLS, and a Zillow Premier Agent.





    Is Venture One Realty Local or only online?

    We are a local owned family real estate agency located in South Windsor CT. We have a real brick and mortar office and would encourage you to come meet us!
    What do I need to provide or do?

    You need to have the ability and intention to purchase and close on a house within 90 days of signing our Cash Back Rebate Buyer agreement, have a Mortgage Pre-Approval and/or Proof of Funds letter, provide your specific criteria of the type of property you are looking for ( Area, Price Range, Style) and your availability for show times to see these properties. Don’t have all this yet? No problem! We are here to help.

    Cash Back Buyer Rebate

    Who can get the Cash Back Buyer Rebate?

    Cash Back Buyer Rebates are only paid to Buyers who sign our Exclusive Buyers Agreement and who close on a real estate purchase that Venture One Realty represented them on. You cannot receive our Cash Back Buyer Rebate on a property if another broker showed it to you or represented you.
    How much will my Cash Back Buyer Rebate be?

    Venture One Realty gives you 50% Cash back Buyer Rebate based on the amount we receive as commission from the cooperating broker. This is calculated by an agreed upon percentage of the closing price the seller will pay to the Buyers agent at closing.

    How will I receive my Cash Back Buyer Rebate?

    The Cash Back Buyer Rebate will be paid or credited to you as named “Buyer” on the Closing Disclosure. It is generally applied to your settlement costs (Atty Fees, Wire Fees, etc) or be given to you by check at closing. This amount does not change actual purchase price, your down payment amount, or your loan reserve requirements. Your Lender does need to be notified of the Rebate Program so that the closing statement can be prepared properly.

    Where does the Cash for my Cash Back Buyer Rebate come from?

    When listing a house for sale on the MLS the Seller has already agreed to pay a commission to their listing real estate agent and to a Buyer’s agent. The portion Venture One Realty receives as the Buyers Agent commission from the Seller at closing is the cash we use for your Cash Back Buyer Rebate.

    Is it Legal for you to give me a Cash Back Buyer Rebate?

    Yes, It is! The State of Connecticut allows Real Estate Brokers to provide Buyer Rebates to Consumers. Connecticut Law requires a statement in all listing agreements notifying Consumers that all real estate commissions are negotiable between the Broker and the Client. However, there is no law saying that Real Estate Brokers have to negotiate with you.

    Is the Cash Back Buyer Rebate taxable?

    Venture One Realty does not, nor is it required to report the amount of the Cash Back Buyer Rebate to any tax authority. However, you should speak with your Attorney and Professional Tax Advisor for further advice. Your Lender does need to be notified of the Rebate Program so that the closing statement can be prepared properly.

    Should I choose my Real Estate Broker based on cost?

    Trust is the most important aspect of buying your home and you can’t put a cost on that. That being said, Venture One Realty doesn’t charge you, the buyer, anything! With Venture One Realty WE PAY YOU with our Cash Back Buyer Rebate. Other Brokers charge retainer or showing fees and then keep the commission they earned off you all to themselves.





    Can I get a better deal as a Buyer if I don’t use an agent?

    No. If a house is listed for sale on the MLS then the Seller has already agreed to pay a commission to their listing real estate agent regardless of whether or not the Buyer is being represented by an agent. You would still pay the same amount for the house but not get Venture One Realty’s Cash Back Buyer Rebate.

    What if I already have a Real Estate Agent? Can I use you also?

    No, If you already have signed a buyers agreement with another agent or an already signed purchase agreement then you cannot also use Venture One Realty.

    Can I lose my Cash Back Buyer Rebate?

    Unfortunately – Yes. We can only offer you the cash back buyer rebate if you have a signed valid Buyer Rebate agreement and Venture One Realty has represented you on the purchase. If you cancel your agreement, misrepresent yourself, or work with another agent, then we cannot pay you the Cash Back Buyer Rebate.

    Are any certain properties excluded?

    Yes, Our Cash Back Buyer Rebate program does not include properties that are short sales, foreclosure sales, and For Sale By Owner (unless owner agrees to pay our commission), and with certain Government Loan Programs. Certain types of multi-family, investor, commercial, and undeveloped land sales are also not included.





    Can I get a Cash Back Buyer Rebate on a new Home build?

    Absolutely! As long as the home is listed on the MLS and/or the Builder is agreeing to pay Real Estate Commissions.

    Can I go to an Open Houses by myself?

    Yes! Open Houses are a great opportunity to see a property! You do not need us to go to an open house. You must however disclose at the open house that you are being represented by Venture One Realty.

    How do I search for my perfect home?

    You can search homes on the MLS direct thru our website! Venture One Realty will be happy to set-up Alerts when properties that you might be interested in hit the market. You can also use,, and

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