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“Hi! I am Mike Zubretsky, your Real Estate Broker at Venture One Realty. Over the last 20 years we have helped our clients navigate the challenges of both buying and selling homes in the CT marketplace. If you are watching this, you are probably thinking about selling your home. But have you thought how you can save thousands of dollars while doing so? Well you’ve come to the right place! Venture One Realty’s innovative low commission business model was created by understanding that home sellers, especially in CT – need to keep more of THEIR hard earned money! Typical agencies charge a high, 6% commission. Venture One Realty eliminates these high fees. Our FULL SERVICE plan is offered for a small a 1% commission. Our clients receive everything a traditional, high commission Real Estate Broker offers but at a much lower cost.

From determining the best listing price for your home all the way through to negotiating contracts and ensuring an ironclad close, we handle it all and YOU save thousands. And let’s talk marketing. We’ll take professional photos of your home and not only list it on the MLS and all the syndicated sites [can include on screen: like Zillow, Realtor .com, Trulia, etc] but also on TV. You will receive personal service from an experienced Real Estate professional. We’ll handle scheduling appointments with qualified buyers.  And we’ll both work toward the same goal: Maximizing the sale price of your home.  We look forward to helping you realize your real estate goals, and keep more money in your pocket. Thanks for watching, and let’s get the conversation started!”


Full Service 1 % Listing Plan


Ventures One Realty's 1 % Full Service Listing gives you the best advantage to sell your home. You get a FULL SERVICE MLS LISTING without paying the traditional high real estate commissions.

One of our Professional Realtors will personally come to you to start the process of selling your home and continue by your side until your home is sold. There are no NO UPFRONT FEES and NO HIDDEN COST!

You Get A Traditional Listing- A full MLS listing with 40 Professional MLS photos, Zillow, Realtor.com, Post Yard Sign, Electronic Lock Box, Open House scheduling and signage, all forms and disclosures, and a customized printable brochure of your home. Full Broker support with pricing, showings, offers, contracts, Inspections, negotiation’s, and financing issues.

Say No to Paying 6% Real Estate Commission!!


Actual Example of how our client saved $$$ in Commission!

17 Dogwood Lane, Madison CT - SOLD $300,000 If Client Had Sold With The Traditional 6% Agent Commission-

  • 3% to Listing Agent $9,000
  • 3% to Buyer Agent $ 9,000
  • 6% Total Commission to be paid $ 18,000
Client Sold With Venture One Realty Full Service
  • 1% to Venture One Realty $3,000.
  • 2.5 % to Buyer Agent $ 7,500.
  • Total Commission $ 10,500.
$7,500 SAVINGS