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    “Hi!  I am Mike Zubretsky,  your  Venture One Realty Real  Estate Broker, here with you to review our Full Service – 50% Cash Back Rebate Program for Home Buyers.  The Internet has changed the way that Home Buyers search for a new home- but the problem is that the Real Estate Industry has not. Most buyers now begin their own search on the internet prior to contacting a realtor. Since you, the home buyer, are already doing part of the work, we believe that you should share in the commission. When Venture One Realty represents you on the purchase of a home, we will give you a 50% Cash Back Rebate based on the amount that is receive as a commission from the listing broker.  All MLS listings have this requirement. There is absolutely no cost to you the Buyer! The typical traditional Real Estate Commission paid by a Seller is 6%. The selling Broker usually keeps 3% and pays the other 3% to the Buyers Broker. For example – On a $300,000 house the total commission would equal $18,000, of which the Buyers Broker would receive $9000! Your 50% Rebate would amount to $4500, which you would receive at the closing. We can make this offer to our Buyer clients because Venture One Realty is not your typical Real Estate Brokerage. We do not have high corporate overhead, Franchise fees or National advertising. Our efficiency and full service buyer representation allows us focus on you, our client.

     If you are interested in our Buyer Rebate Program, give us a call- let’s start the discussion on how we can help you find the home of your dreams – and put money in your pocket.”


    Venture One Realty gives you the same Full Service as a “Traditional Broker” PLUS a 50% Cash Back Buyer Rebate as reward for finding your perfect home!!

    • No Upfront Fees! No Hidden Costs!
    • Save Thousands When You Buy with Venture One Realty!

    *Example based on a Home Purchase of $300,000

    The Internet has changed the way homebuyers search for homes. The problem is the real estate industry has not . New homebuyers are now beginning their search for a new home on the Internet instead of contacting a real estate agent. Since homebuyers do part of the work, we believe homebuyers should share in the commission!

    Venture One Realty is not your “typical” Real Estate Brokerage that has huge overhead franchise fee’s or corporate national advertising. We focus our time and energy on our clients to ensure they get the best possible service. Venture One Realty takes our savings and passes them directly on to our Buyers.

    As a Buyer at Venture One Realty you will work with our team of highly talented agents who specialize in showing homes, transaction coordination, and negotiations to provide you a high quality home buying experience.

    Buy the Venture One Way!
    Pre-Buy Consultation

    Meet face to face to see if Venture One Realty is a good fit for you. This will allow us to discuss your goals, house criteria, price range, moving time frame, and review our Buyers Rebate Agreement.

    Start Looking

    Venture One Realty’s website service helps you find all the houses for sale that meet your requirements. We make scheduling showings as easy as possible. Our agents are ready and waiting to show homes on short notice, nights and weekends.

    Find Your Home and Collect Your Rebate $$

    Our team will be by your side the entire time thru the negotiation, inspection and closing process. You will receive your 50 % cash back rebate of the Buyer Side Commission directly at closing.

    Open Houses are a great opportunity to see a property!

    Here is a list of all upcoming open houses in the 9 towns of East Hartford, East Windsor, Ellington, Glastonbury, Manchester, South Windsor, Stafford, Vernon and Tolland. Check back daily for updates!

    Remember to disclose at the open house that you are being represented by Venture One Realty in order to be eligible to receive your 50% Cash Back Buyer Rebate.

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